Entry #3

New Game in Development: Morality

2014-08-01 06:53:38 by KingAmir

As some of you may have known already via Twitter, I am making a new game and decided to make it official of by announcing it on Newgrounds, my main distribution panel, itself.

The game is quite different from my previous works but it will still be 2D and written in HTML5. Some details that I can share is that there will be more emphasis on the core mechanics of the gameplay rather than focusing on the story. (Not to mention how Rethink failed to send any message due to tiring gameplay and the glitchy nature of Revolution Z) Morality will hold a hidden story but it's not really important to the whole game.

Coming from the name, the game's concept is based on the definition of morality in the real world and how it is different from a person to a person and situation to situation. What you do in the game may be result in something good, maybe an item, but it may kill other people when they try to do the same thing.

Since the game's developement is in the early stage, I cannot share anything else because it may be prone to change as I go further.

I wish I could give a release date as to when this game would come out but I can promise that it wil be no later than December 31st,2014 (basically its gonna be out in 2014). The reason for this move is because I (and certainly any potentional) do not want a rushed product that would destroy the experience and turn the game into "another 2D game". I will be sharing more news about the game (including a trailer) but for now, announcing it would be enough.


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